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June Island Batik Flying Away Challenge

This month we were challenged to use a collection or two and create a quilt with flying geese.

Flying geese you say... like flying geese as in the quilt block with triangles, right? Not like the geese that actually fly, or walk, or swim; not like the actual animal, right?

Okay, I really do know better, they meant flying geese as in the quilt block, or did they. I had some fun, and created two different actual geese/goose FPP patterns of the animal. One is flying and one is standing or walking. I wanted to have fun with this idea of flying geese, so I had to add in the actual animals. I mean why not?

Lets discuss the quilt block known as flying geese, for a second. We all know from my last quilt and any traditional style quilts I do, that I can't keep a point for the life of me... and now, I need to have lots of points. EEEKKK Thats okay, I am an FPP designer, Ill do what I do best, and create an FPP pattern for my flying geese!! Brilliant right?

I designed a block that was 12 inches finished and decided I wanted to do mirrored versions of the block, as well as, the original. I printed a few of these FPP blocks and did several in the blues, several in the pinks and some in the "whites". What fabric did I use you ask, well:

As the main show piece I used Sea Cookies and it is a bold and colorful collection of pinks, blues and whites. It was perfect for this project. I then added in the Precious Pinks and the Tantalizing Teals where needed. (Note: I only used a handfull of the pinks and teals to help add just some resting space for the eyes.)

I was born and raised in California and this collection just reminded me of the many many years and summers I spent at the beach. The vibrant colors, and designs on the fabric are both warm and cool. The collection works well weather its being cut into small pieces or large chunks.

Once I had my blocks and my idea, I still wanted to add a goose or flying geese (like the actual animal). I love the idea of adding in the animal, it makes me laugh. With that being said I designed the standing goose first, but then thought " the challenge is flying geese, not standing geese". So, back to the design board to create the flying geese.

I had my designs coming together pretty well at this point. Time to sew.

I did use the Island Batik foundations solid black as my background fabric. This really helped the bright pinks and blues and as well as the whites just shine.

Now was the time to assemble all the pieces. When making flying geese with foundation paper piecing, I find I waste a lot LESS fabric because I can cut my pieces to the exact size I need, as well as use up any scraps I might have from previous projects.

<add first two pieces.


<add 3rd piece, black


<add another black piece, iron and then repeat A LOT!

After awhile I finally had all my flying geese blocks done. I then started working on my standing and flying animal geese blocks and this is where I used up a lot of the scraps from the flying geese quilt blocks. No scrap goes in the trash until it literally is too small to use.

After about two days of sewing I had all my blocks ready to go. However, last minute I thought "its missing something". I then took one of the sections from the 12 inch flying geese quilt blocks, and used one of the sections to create a few flying geese to add into the boarders. This was just what the quilt needed.

I then assembled the blocks in rows, and added the outer boarders. Now comes the part that I finally get to sit and watch a show and ... no not rest, I wish.... time to pull paper!!!

I sit and relax, catch up on all my missed youtube videos or current events and I usually have a helper as well.

Yes, thats a Halloween quilt, don't judge. Its actually super soft.

Alright back to this gorgeous quilt. Next thing was getting this quilt sandwhiched. For the back of the quilt I used the left over squares from the layered cake and it came out perfect. Look at the bold bright fabrics and how perfect they are just as a simple collection of squares. Its a simple way to get to display all the fabrics but use up those scraps or left over pieces.

I did use the black cotton 80/20 HOBBS batting and OMG I am in love. This batting is perfect for these all black or mostly black quilts. I will absolutely be getting tons of this for my future projects (I do use a lot of black as my background).

I did use a spray basting to sandwhich my quilt, as I have always prefered it because of the free motion quilting I do. If I use pins or safety pins they tend to get caught or I hit them while quilt- mostly because I am quilting too fast and forget to look for them. The spray basting helps with this because I can just move at my speed and never have to think about a safety pin or any other item in the quilt.

I did go with a swirl that I free motion quilted into the entire quilt. I wanted to give that feeling of flying and movement. Do you think I accomplished that? Let me know in the comments below.

I then used the already cut strips of pink from the precut as my binding. It made it quick, easy and no cutting!

I then sat and hand sewed the back of the binding onto the quilt. This is such a relaxing part of the quilt process to me. I really enjoy this process. Anyone else? or is this your least favorite part?

It was finally done. The finished quilt is about 44 x 44 inches. Its a perfect wall hanging or table topper. (Note: you could make this an even larger quilt by adding more rows and columns of the flying geese quilt blocks). I think this would add a lot to a table during a spring or summer party. What a great piece to have a discussion about or even play a card game or two on.

Thank you to Island Batik for the amazing fabric. Thank you to Schmetz Needles for the perfect needles to sew and quilt with when using the batiks.

Well thats it for this months ambassador challenge. Be sure to come back next month and see what we all are doing. If you would like to purchase any of the patterns in this quilt please check the shop as they should now be available to purchase.

Stay safe, stay healthy and be kind.


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