January 15, 2020

These past few weeks I have been working through some of the older patterns, that I have had sitting on my desk! I have been sending them out to be tested or finishing them up myself. With the Holidays now come and gone, its time to get into the working mode. I have sa...

Today I am going to attempt to get some of the newly tested patterns up and available. I have had a few come back and they do not need any changes, but others do. With those changes means it will take me a day or two and then those will be loaded up as well. 

I always w...

April 19, 2019

What am I working on this week? Other than this website and uploading patterns to the website, you mean? Well, I have been working on some Disney ride patterns. I absolutely love anything and everything that has to do with Disney; so when a client asked if I would do t...

April 17, 2019

Hello everyone,

I honestly can not thank you all enough. This has been years in the making and without all your help I could not have made this website happen. I appreciate all the support you have given my small business as each purchase helps me create even more patte...

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