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Log Cabin Island Batik Blog Hop

So excited to start this year off with another great blog hop and fun Log Cabin challenge.

If you haven't already check out all the giveaway details and latest up to date information on the blog hop at the Island Batik blog.

This month I got to use the amazing collection; Breezy by Kate Colleran Design. This fabric is vibrant and bold with accents of leafs and vines. Kate says it's like leafs swirling around on the sidewalk and yard.

I love the story of a log cabin block, how the center was typically red which represented the fire, and the logs were stacked around the center block/fire. I wanted to keep with that traditional feeling of the center was warmth and the logs around it; however, I didn't want to do a square of rectangle, I really have been wanting to use a diamond in my design somewhere.

I sat down and started designing a diamond design, and then echoing it, and then mirroring it and so on. Eventually I came up with this diamond log cabin style design, that still represented the warmth of the fire in the middle but with a lot of, let's say, extended family around it. I wanted to really grow the design outward and probably could have kept designing this quilt, but eventually had to stop because I really didn't have a ton of time to sew.

This was what I had in mind. However, when I did receive the fabric I realized one of the fabrics, I felt would be more pink, was actually more purple. Same with a few others. Thats okay though, because the one fabric I had that was pink, actually worked out in my favor. I think by using the one pink it really pulled that traditional red/fire themed back together.

After I got the design done. I then printed out my pieces (of course you all know I made it into an FPP pattern). I spent about an hour glueing all the pieces together, because the pattern was BIG!

I then cut strips of all my fabrics, except the pink. I added in the batik black and white as well for the accent along the outer edge.

I mean seriously how gorgeous is this fabric!

I then spent the next few days sewing like crazy! If you recall I received my box a little over a week ago! I then posted my unboxing video on Saturday, January 27th. I then spent the weekend cutting up the papers, glueing and getting all of the stuff I needed sorted out. I then spent the last 4-5 days sewing the top together (in between my day job).

I sadly did not get to finish the quilt, but I did get the top finished and thats what matters because you all want to see this gorgeous fabric in action. Please come back later on when I do post the finished sewn up quilt with all its finished quilting. Let me know if I should do a black or white binding? Striped binding? Colored binding? Let me know below.

Well, with out any further boring commentary let me show you what I ended up creating:

Can you see the bright pink center diamond as my fire and the many log cabins around it?

This fabric was a dream to work with and I am in love with the bright pallet as it contrasts with the black and white. Its probably one of my favorite traditional quilts I have done in awhile. The finished quilt top was 50 x 46 inches.

Now be sure to go on over to the Island Batik blog and enter into the giveaway for a bundle of this gorgeous fabric.

Check out the other blogs as well:

Thank you to all our sponsors, especially Aurifil and Oliso as I used a lot of those during this quilt.

The blog hop will be going on for the rest of the month with many different giveaways so be sure to check back on all the blogs and follow Island Batiks blog as well as their instagram.

Thanks for checking out this amazing quilt that I really enjoyed making. I hope you are enjoying all the Log Cabin quilts, as I am sure we will have even more unique and bold designs coming up later this month.

Hope you all come back soon.

Stay Safe and Happy sewing.


Barefoot Thunder
Barefoot Thunder
Feb 13

Gorgeous log cabins. My favorite quilt block. I would do a multi colored binding


Feb 12

Wow! That is awesome! Love the bright colors and using the diamond shape!


Feb 10

Your quilt is outstanding!


Feb 10

Your quilt design is so unique, very eye-catching! The colors in this are so great!


Feb 07

Beautiful and interesting take on the log cabin quilt. I think I would probably bind it in solid black.

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