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Its Paper Piecing Challenge (and Blog Hop)

Yes, you read that right its another blog hop which means raffles and goodies that you all can win! Who doesn't want some amazing fabric?

Click the giveaway bundles below to enter into the drawing! You could be a winner:

Alright so, now that we have discussed the amazing prizes and fun ways to win the fabric; lets discuss my adorable fabric collection that I received just for this blog hop. This fabric is called Reflections. Its a gorgeous collection of purples, greens blues and a small amount of pink. If I was picking my own fabric these would be my go to colors. I love blues, pinks, purples and obviously green!

When I first looked at this fabric I was thinking a bird, or maybe a cat (like I did the dog last year). However, after a little more thought and designing, I decided to go with dinosaurs. I have always wanted to create some dinosaurs for my website and add some in, but they seem to have always been "already done". I thought to myself, but I haven't done them. So, I did!

I started by dividing my collection into "dark" and "lights". This is harder than you would think because some are so close in color, but with my design I needed the two different color tones. I then printed out a few designs, and sat down to start sewing.

I used the batik white for my background, and used the batik black for eyes. The rest of the dinosaurs are all the Reflections collection. (I do want to take a moment and mention, I am currently on vacation and this post will go out while I am still on vacation, I therefore am sad to say I was not able to finish my quilt top. However, I will add what I was able to get done before I had to hop on my international flight and I will add in my concept art as well. ) With that being said lets show off this gorgeous fabric!

This is my attempt to divide the darks and lights. You can see I did not have a ton of pink, but I loved this pink/mauve color. I could buy an entire bolt of it. The patterns were gorgeous flowers, and starts, dots and swirls. Which all reminded me of leather or snake skin, hence the dinosaurs.

This was my first dinosaur and in the words of my husband it looks like Barney. I disagree as Barney was very big and round but also t-rex like. Anyways, I decided to use the purple for the main body and the beautiful green with those swirls on it.

My next dinosaur was my t-rex like one:

This one came out much better than the last one. I loved this blue fabric and the prints were all so different that the depth of the legs and tails worked out perfectly. I used one of the really dark purple fabrics for the spikes and it turned out amazing. What do you think? Barney like? I don't think so.

Next up was the last one I could sew before I left for my flight (yes I was sewing the night before I left). This is one of my favorite dinosaurs ever, any guesses why? Ill give you a hint, our names are very similar.

Triceratops and I have similar sounding names, she may spell hers different but Sarah and Cera sound pretty much the same when you say them out loud! With Cera here I decided I wanted to use my favorite fabric out of the collection for her body; that mauve/pink is just gorgeous. I then used the purple fabric for her face and spikes, again gorgeous fabrics. The purple on her toes makes it look like she had her nails done, which makes me laugh and happy all at the same time.

I only had time to design two other dinosaurs, but did not get to sew them. I had the idea to make an entire quilt with 9 different dinosaurs (which I hope to finish when I get back but we will have to wait and see, or come back to check on the blog). The last two designs are of a blue color and a green color.

The blue fabric, again, are these gorgeous florals and geometric star designs. I love the light and dark difference as well which helps give depth perspective.

This dinosaur has the green fabrics with the ombre color behind the green design and I used the other simple green design as well with the swirls. This design will be so fun to sew as I love the pink dots on the belly.

This is the designs without the fabric, but I love the idea of being able to see the fabric in the design to help choose which fabric would look best.

In the end the design will be adorable and I hope to get a quilt finished with the 9 dinosaurs. If I do I will be posting the blog post about it. I do hope I have time between my next vacation and this one. Be sure to come back and check it out. I will more than likely post it on my instagram as well.

I do want to thank Oliso as well, because without their amazing iron I would not have been able to finish these three blocks so fast. The oliso iron is amazing because it gets hot fast and has has the itouch and reacts to when you have your hand on it, so it sits flat but doesn't burn your mat or ironing area. Thank you oliso for the amazing iron.

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Thanks to everyone who comes to check out my blogs and who enjoy seeing my little adventures. Please come back and check out the finished quilt and or all the other blogs I post each month.

Thank you to Island Batik for this gorgeous collection and I can not wait to finish it up when I get back from Vacation.

Stay Safe and Happy Sewing


May 13

Cute Dino's! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!


May 11

Your fabric is beautiful and the dinosaurs are delightful!


May 10

I don't have a hera marker, so I have used my Tupperware orange peeler instead. It has a pointed end, but since it is plastic, it doesn't wreck the fabric and still will make a line I can see.


May 09

Great dinos! Have fun on your vacay....overseas is always an amazing adventure!


Debbie Bailey
Debbie Bailey
May 08

You made dinosaurs adorable!

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