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Tons of New Patterns are Available

These past few weeks I have been working through some of the older patterns, that I have had sitting on my desk! I have been sending them out to be tested or finishing them up myself. With the Holidays now come and gone, its time to get into the working mode. I have sat down and already finished two small quilts.

My goal this year is to make 20 quilts in 2020! I have a list with well over that ready to go, so with those sitting on the side waiting for me, these past few weeks have been all about getting some of these patterns put up on the website and finishing them off.

I have put up a few new patterns, and if you are a subscriber to my website you may have received emails about them already! This week alone I have loaded the Kangaroo with joey, the Ostrich and the Koala. All three (and a few others) are hopefully going to be apart of a finished quilt! What will I do with that finished quilt? I will hopefully be able to AUCTION it off and make a little money for a charity that is supporting the wildfires in Australia. Its been devastating seeing how much has been lost with so many fires still burning. I lived in California, USA most of my life and with that I have lived through many wildfires that have almost burned down my College, almost burned friends homes, and had many moments of driving on the freeway through wildfires burning along side of them. Its a very scary thing and I could not even begin to imagine how anyone in Australia is dealing with it.

The amount of animals that have been lost is horrific, and I feel horrible seeing the devastation. In highschool I had a chance to visit Australia and see a lot of amazing sights. I even had the chance to hold a koala and grab a beautiful picture with that heavy guy. It was a moment I will never forget. I had a chance to see kangaroos and be chased by a wombat and just so many wonderful moments full of laughter and joy. If I can raise even $100 that would be better than nothing. I hope all of you will be following me on instagram to see when I will Auction this quilt off. With that being said, I am sure you would love to see these blocks, so heres a few photos!

Kangaroo with joey



These adorable patterns are available in my shop.

I am off to work on a few more patterns now and I hope you all keep checking in here and on my instagram to see whats next!

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