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New Patterns Coming Soon

Today I am going to attempt to get some of the newly tested patterns up and available. I have had a few come back and they do not need any changes, but others do. With those changes means it will take me a day or two and then those will be loaded up as well.

I always want to take a minute to thank my amazing testers as they always help me with getting patterns to my clients and customers faster. I can not run this small business without you all. So thank you!

Alright so with that I wanted to post some of the amazing work and patterns that will hopefully be loaded later today or tomorrow/weekend.

The first pattern that is ready to go is the Bride FPP Pattern. I want to thank @rowermom3 for testing this pattern, below is her work.

The next one to go with the bride is a simple version of just the wedding dress, but I love that both @beansy_quilts and @rcwfam did a complete twist on it.

I then had a custom order for Tinkerbell and wanted to make sure I had more than one to test it, and its a tough one, but I believe this newer FPP maker did an amazing job on a really intricate pattern. Thanks @linziejoquilts

I even made another Tinkerbell pattern with less craziness and more simplified design. Thanks to @wester.jessica for finishing her up so quickly, she came out beautifully!

She is also looking the other direction just in case someone needs one way or another.

I also had someone ask if I had any dolphin patterns, which I realized I did not. With that question, made me think, I really need to add a dolphin pattern to my collection. So thank you to @tinaorlita and @anditheredhead for making these two adorable blocks.

I then added a block with two dolphins in it so that an individual didn't have to make two blocks but could make just one! These amazingly colorful blocks are made by @drg04618 and @jekah_a_quilter

I am going to stop here for today. These beautiful patterns will be posted soon, and I do hope you all enjoy them. Be sure to tag me on instagram @quiltnsew or #pitchersboutique as I love seeing all your amazing work.

See you next time,


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