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What am I Working On?

What am I working on this week? Other than this website and uploading patterns to the website, you mean? Well, I have been working on some Disney ride patterns. I absolutely love anything and everything that has to do with Disney; so when a client asked if I would do three different ride patterns I was all for it.

Up first, the easiest of the three, Tower of Terror! I am sad that this ride is gone from Disneyland California Adventure but it was well loved while it lasted. The new Guardian of the Galaxy is pretty awesome and I enjoyed it a lot. Anyways, back to the pattern, I am guessing you all want to see what it looks like? Well here you go:

This one is already done but of course my client is the lucky one who gets to make it! So, what else have I been keeping busy with if this one is done? Thats easy, Pirates of the Caribbean! This pattern is intense and will take some serious amount of work but the results can be amazing and worth the work.

I have one more pattern to work on and finish but i'll keep that for another time. I always love to hear what my customs want to purchase or have in the shop, so be sure to send me a message with any pattern ideas. Your idea could become a real pattern in my shop one day.

Off to work some more. Stay tooned for the next pattern.

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