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Whats Ahead for 2023?

Now that the holidays are in full swing, it's time for the new pattern ideas, making goals and planning for next year. Whats ahead for 2023? I am so glad you asked.

Let's start with pattern ideas. I currently am booked until March 2023 with lots of custom orders. I am ready to adventure into some very detailed images and hopefully make one of a kind foundation paper piecing patterns for all my clients. I have everything from people, animals to vehicles. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone this year with so many intricate patterns, but next year I hope to grow my skills and continue to learn and improve.

I recently took time to look back at some of the older patterns I have done, and compare them to the ones I have recently made. I was really proud of the ever growing complexity of my patterns. For example lets take this one:

I made this back in January 2020. You can see the simplicity of the design, where I am trying to create the depth with the eyes, and the nose but it still feels very flat. Now lets look at my latest custom designs, of similar dogs:

Now, this is Bailey and I did this design back in July (this year 2022), and she is probably the closest design I have done to the black dog above. If we compare the two you can see how I have added layers, depth, multiple gradations of colors and you can feel how the animal comes out towards you. This design feels more 3 dimensional, unlike the dog before. Let's now look at the white dog from above; again she feels flat, and has no depth, as well as her eyes being just off and not life like. Lets now look at this design:

This is Rollo, who I designed just a few weeks ago in September. Rollo has so much more depth, you can feel the layers and rolls on the face. You can see the shadows in the nose and shoulders. While I looked back on some of the designs, and reflected on the growth these past years, I also can see where I still can improve and possibly create an even more realistic fpp pattern.

I am absolutely proud of the work I have done this year and while working on custom orders I also made 12 zodiac patterns that were part of my QAL (quilt along) over on and their monthly quilt blocks.

All the zodiac blocks are in the photo above except the December block, Sagittarius, which will be available on Dec 1st to my patreon members. Next years theme is even better, and I will be announcing that soon.

My goals for next year are as follows; I want to blog more, create more video content, publish at least one quilt pattern or article or design, and lastly I would love to have another quilt in a show (and win something) if possible.

I have a youtube channel and would love to add to the content on that platform. I have been writing down ideas and slowly trying to figure it all out (you know, video cameras, mics, style, editing programs, etc). It's a big step for me as I am not an extremely outgoing person. This will definitely push me out of my comfort zone. So, if you have any tips, programs or whatever else that might help me out, feel free to leave that down below!

Blogging has been something I have enjoyed doing, but struggle to find things to write about or discuss. I hope to have, at least 2-4 blogs a month, but I do find that I have highs and lows during the week. Lately, I use my highs to get as much custom orders done and maybe some sewing or personal projects done. I also currently go to physical therapy 3 times a week for my knee (for those of you who didn't know I had my second knee surgery back in June and a 3rd on in October). I also teach sewing classes locally during the year. (When I say highs and lows I mean energy and anxiety/depression- yes I am human and deal with mental health like a lot of people do). Physical therapy is demanding and I do come home, sometimes, just beyond exhausted.

So, overall my goals are achievable if I work hard and try to stay on track as much as I can. Hopefully, all of you reading this will help me by leaving comments, or liking my posts. Those small gestures always keep me going.

Lastly, Planning! Next year, I hope to be better about planning my weeks out, planning my custom work, sewing time, family time, and knowing when I need a break. I had some huge medical stuff come up this year and I had not really planned on taking any time off. I quickly had to work that in as my physical health declined, and then my mental. It was extremely challenging to remind myself that I wasn't failing just slowing down to recover. Recovery is huge, and I had to be reminded a lot of that. What I was dealing with was not going to heal over night. I am so thankful that everyone around me and on my social platforms have been extremely supportive (so thank you all).

As this year comes to a close, I hope to find a new happier path to build my business, my health and my skills/knowledge. I hope you will join me on this new journey and I can not wait to see how it all unfolds. So, stick around, and be sure to check in every once in awhile; as I am sure to have some great treats along the way. Stay tuned as well, for the reveal of next years QAL theme!

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and be kind everyone.



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