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Island Batik Unboxing!!!!

Best time of the year! Time to unbox this exciting HUGE box from Island Batik.

If you missed my last post, I am returning for a second year as an Island Batik Ambassador and I finally received my box. This year we received a few surprise items from sponsors and I am over the moon about all of them.

Lets check out all the goodies:

I mean, hello, a freakin Oliso Iron! So excited to dive into the black and white batik collection, I think thats my favorite right out of the box. Be sure to come back and check out my quilt and the blog hop as well as giveaways by Island Batik. (Follow along on instagram, or check facebook too). Lots of bloggers/ambassadors will be doing their own giveaways as well. I will add all their blog links below so be sure to check in with them as well.

Thanks for following along this year as I get to enjoy creating another year with Island Batik!

Stay safe and Happy sewing

Best, Megan:

Boatright, Pamela:

Deshensky, Susan:

Hatziioannidi, Mania:

Kresin Campbell, Connie:

Looney, Denise:

McAuliffe, Maryellen:

Schweri, Julia:


Brenda Parker Alburl
Brenda Parker Alburl
Jan 28

Great video, Sarah!! Sorry you had such a hard time before getting it made. It turned out great!


Quilting Tangent
Quilting Tangent
Jan 27

Looking forward to seeing what you create with your new goodies.


Jan 27

Great video! I really liked the way the fabrics are showing at the bottom of your video!

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