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Bye bye November

Oh my goodness, is it really December already?

I am not sure if I am ready for Christmas, or if I am just exhausted from Thanksgiving, anyone else?

This month has been amazing. I pushed myself to tackle one of the hardest patterns I have done to date. This motorcycle pattern had me really wondering if I could create a pattern that actually looked like two individuals on a bike. The sunlight and reflection were the hardest parts about the pattern. The sun created several layers of colors in the metal, and glass, as well as creating shadows on everything to the left. I am sure I could have spent even more time getting this design really detailed, but the pattern would have had to been like 70 inches big. Not sure even I would want to make it that big.

I then had two portraits of a baby and a gentleman with a pipe. The baby I am extremely proud of and have to say the amount of time and detail on this one pattern was well worth it. I hope that the finished block turns out just as beautiful.

I enjoy making a less complex pattern in between really detailed patterns as it help break up the work. If I spend 3 days on a pattern it gets harder and harder for me to continue working on it, so the simple quicker patterns are great to work on between the more detailed patterns.

Talking about detailed patterns, I worked on another dog pattern with lots of fur. Several days of work on this dog and I have to say, compared to some of the patterns I have done before this; my detailed dog patterns are becoming more complex but more realistic as well. Which is the ultimate goal and what I hope is, what everyone is commissioning me to do.

The teeth, ahh, they get me every time. Little dog teeth are the best and I always love when teeth, or tongues, are in the images. I continued the month with more dogs and two patterns are of the same dog, just different poses.

This is Cooper and a beautiful dog at that. I believe the owner mentioned he was a show dog, and I can see why. The design on the left has 44 sections and the design on the right has 31 sections. Both images had about the same amount of colors in them as it is the same dog; the left has 36 colors and the right has 37. Cooper has lots of layers of gold, brown, tan and whites. The layering of colors really helps highlight the shadows and gives the design depth.

The last one of the month and possibly the last of the year (as December is my vacation month) is Sport Momo Ermine. What a name huh? Sport Momo has lots of layers, lots of colors, and lots of detail. When a dog has curly or more "human" like hair, the design becomes complex and you need more colors to allow for the depth and layering. Sport Momo has 54 sections and I was able to get his colors down to 32. The colors are an array of whites, grey, browns and golds.

I have worked on my zodiac block for this month as well, and have done a few other patterns but they will have to wait until they get released. I will blog more on those later.

I hope you all had a great November and I will hopefully hear from you all about what you want to see more of, down in the comments. So, be sure to leave a comment and let me know, next year I hope to continue making some amazing patterns for you all.

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and be kind.



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