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UnBoxing Island Batik Round 2

We are finally half way through our year and that means we get to unbox our second round of boxes for the last half of the year. I was extremely excited to see what goodies we had in store and boy was I shocked. Click and watch to see what we will be sewing up in the next few months!

I am extremely excited to use all the new Aurifil thread, the new (to me) wool batting and wool/cotton batting, as well as the Accuquilt Go! I am sure with this perfect cutting machine my points might actually come out in the finished quilt, we shall see, so stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who has reached out and checked in on me. I am doing better but still dealing with all the health issues. I am a little behind on a few things, so please be patient with me as I slowly get back to everyone.

Stay safe, stay healthy and be kind.

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Jul 19, 2023

Great video!! Cannot wait to see what you make. Point perfection is difficult 😊. I know!!! Pink Tulip Quilting

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